Five Things To Know About Pluto Retrograde

The cold planet plodding through Capricorn shows us there is work to be done.

April 27, 2021 marks the first day that Pluto stations retrograde in the sky for the next six months. When a planet stations retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards through the sky. Often, we hear of Mercury stationing retrograde and the havoc that ensues with travel and communication, but what does it mean when the furthest body in our solar system appears to reverse course?

After the Pink Supermoon in Scorpio, we have had the things hidden to us in our psyche and lives revealed. The little lies we tell ourselves about the world around us have been exposed, and this Pluto retrograde will give us the opportunity to address them on a deeper level until the Supermoon in Sagittarius in late May completely blows everything out of the water. What is no longer serving us will be removed from our lives with a fiery arrow whether we are ready or not.

So what can we expect over the next six months as Pluto retraces its steps in the sky? Here’s five things to look for:

Pluto has been chilling in Capricorn for some time, and this means the things that may have been illuminated during the full moon in Scorpio when it comes to business, father-figures, financial security, and overall stability will be pulled into focus. What needs to be addressed in these areas of your life?

Though tiny and further away, Pluto is the bulldozer of the solar system. Nothing makes it hungrier to unearth things than inauthenticity in all corners of your life. The full moon in Scorpio may have revealed where you’re keeping secrets within yourself, now Pluto comes in to rip the mask off everything false around you, even the masks you wear publicly.

With its bulldozer upending everything, the compassionate side of Pluto retrograde is that it is a perfect opportunity to look inward and examine the dark sides of ourselves. We all have them, and a lot of times we avoid these matters because they are uncomfortable to look at. These next six months are the perfect opportunity to look in your shadow’s mirror and learn to release the dark parts of who you are and learn to harness them for good in your life.

Pluto retrograde is about moving with slow intention. It is not a time to make a to-do list checking things off as you accomplish them. This is a time of philosophy, thinking, and listening to your intuition. In Capricorn, the cold planet asks us, are we working for a paycheck or personal fulfillment? Is our purpose being expressed each and every day or are we just going through the motions?

The biggest question that is asked of you during Pluto retrograde is, “Have I truly done the work to receive what I want to manifest?” From now until October, there is no reward without work. You will truly reap what you sow. Shortcuts will be halted, and easy outs will disappear. Self discipline is the only way out of Capricorn.

Pluto in retrograde isn’t the firecracker of the faster planets closer to the sun, but it is a great time to set intentions for your future into motion, and methodically see to reaching your goals while looking at your shadow self. The only harm that can befall you in this sky is not doing anything at all.

Author of ‘The Secret Life of Lies’ and ‘Some Die Just To Live.’ Twitter: @jenngulbrandsen

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