Happy ‘Star Wars’ Day! Here’s 4 facts you may not know about the origins of ‘May The 4th Be With You’

May the Fourth Be With You! Today, May 4th, is the day pop culture has adopted as ‘Star Wars Day.’ A day where fans of the movie franchise come together and celebrate everything from The Force, to Ewoks, and even the hilarity of a Stormtrooper’s bad aim.

Fans of Star Wars can get pretty intense when it comes to trivia about their galaxy far, far away. …

The first Monday of every month is known as Melanoma Monday, a day to raise awareness of the skin cancer that kills over 7,000 people annually in America. As we get into the sunniest and warmest months of the year, it’s important to be diligent about prevention.

The two easiest and most important forms of prevention and protection are sunscreen, and frequent skin checks if you are prone to moles and freckles. While fair people have the highest risk, anyone can get skin cancer. It’s estimated that over 110,000 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in 2021.

Performing your…

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, and while it’s all well and good to see the painfully staged portraits of the couple, enjoy overly produced videos of them playing with their children that gives odd “Pretty Little Lies” vibes, we must remember the true hero of the day…

Princess Beatrice’s glorious hat.

Part homage to a toilet bowl and part work of art made of cascading ribbon, this millinery wonder is what we must raise a glass and pay homage to on this most reverent of days for the future King of England.

One of the most frustrating things when discussing any kind recovery is how there is this notion that you are going to be a neatly packaged 60 second sound byte of success without any missteps in quick fashion. Once whatever stimulus is hurting you (trauma, substances, PTSD, etc.) is removed, you’re going to be good as new in no time!

It’s a painful and damaging standard to hold oneself to, because real life isn’t like that, and neither is recovery. This line of thinking that the only path to success is the linear one without any kind of missteps, backslides…

The cold planet plodding through Capricorn shows us there is work to be done.

April 27, 2021 marks the first day that Pluto stations retrograde in the sky for the next six months. When a planet stations retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards through the sky. Often, we hear of Mercury stationing retrograde and the havoc that ensues with travel and communication, but what does it mean when the furthest body in our solar system appears to reverse course?

After the Pink Supermoon in Scorpio, we have had the things hidden to us in our psyche and lives revealed…

The first supermoon of 2021 arrives tonight, peaking at 11:31pm EDT. Known as the ‘Pink Supermoon’ the moon will be at its closest point to the earth. Sadly, it will not appear pink in the sky as it is named for the first flowers of the spring season.

Astrologically speaking, this full moon is unfolding in Scorpio with Mars in Cancer, both water signs. What does this mean? It’s going to get pretty emotional up in here. You might need a moment to cry it out. You could also take a baseball bat to an ex’s windshield. Scorpio is anything…

Welcome to planet Earth and the human race where the mortality rate is 100%, and you will spend a lot of your quiet moments overthinking. As humans, we love to indulge in the self-soothing of figuring out every worst case scenario that could befall us with every decision we have to make. Think of how many minutes a day you spend with your thoughts swirling around in a soup of what-ifs?

Even I fall prey to this on the daily, and I pride myself in being a person who truly does not give a flip about most things and takes…

The double standards and pearl clutching on the right continue…

Well, it wouldn’t be a day in this year of our Skydaddy 2020 if there wasn’t some kind of manufactured scandal that had every Karen and Brenda in the land screeching, “Can you BELIEVE such a thing?!” whilst backing over their fainting couches as their MAGA wearing husbands fetched their smelling salts.

Yesterday’s faux outrage was attached to President-Elect Biden’s future White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Jen O’Malley Dillon, when she said to Glamour in an interview that she felt Republicans on Capitol Hill were… well… you know… fuckers.

Make The Most Out of Being By Your Onsie This Season

Well, COVID-19 didn’t disappear as we had hoped, so here we are getting ready to navigate much of this holiday season alone. It’s horrible, and a fitting end to this annus horribillus.

How do we survive the holiday season alone without getting even more depressed? Video chats with family and friends are great, but they are a terrible substitute for the real thing. …

Jenna and Ryan finally meet their destiny in the 13th and final installment of this series by Jennifer Gulbrandsen.

To read previous chapters of ‘When You’re Far Away’ by Jennifer Gulbrandsen, click here.


The silence that fell as Ryan and I stood there was a pregnant one. The only sound between us seemed to be the pounding of my heart in my ears and the faint rasps that accompanied my breaths as of late. Ryan stared at his shoes as we stood on the cobblestones. After another moment, I couldn’t stand the silence between us any longer.

“Ryan. Ryan…

Jennifer Gulbrandsen

Author of ‘The Secret Life of Lies’ and ‘Some Die Just To Live.’ Twitter: @jenngulbrandsen

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